Building upon the 3 tenants of Faith, Fun, and Fellowship, the iYouth have been building a program that is appealing to the youth and allows them to participate as fully as they are able in the life of the church.

The iYouth participate in a number of different activities including, but not limited to, human Foosball, the annual Festival of Sharing, confirmation retreats, and an Escape the Room lock in.  We recently completed a mission trip to Rapid City, SD and we’re making plans for the next trip! Stay tuned for more details!

The 2019 Mission Trip to Rapid City, SD is done and everyone got back home safe and sound, if not just a little bit tired!  We began by leaving St. Louis at 5:00 AM with 4 very tired but excited youth and a couple of tired but courageous adults! The rest of our group from our friends at St. Peter’s UCC left a day early and met us there.  After 15 hours of driving with nothing but lunch and potty breaks we finally arrived in Rapid City!  We spent the week WORKING in the community helping Habitat For Humanity, Trinity Lutheran Church, and Black Hills Works, a sheltered workshop for developmentally disabled adults.  Through sweat, laughter, friendship, and faith we all came to a new appreciation of how God can send us out to do his work.  We are definitely looking forward to another trip next year and many more to come!  Visit our photo page for many pictures of our adventures or click on the video below to see what our kids did during this trip.

The iYouth met on June 20th for a Harry Potter themed “Make Your Own Monster Book of Monsters” event!  Thanks to those that could make it and it looks like everyone had a great, albeit very fuzzy, time!  If you’d like to see more pics of the event just CLICK HERE!

Harry Potter Night

The iYouth did a fantastic job on Sunday, June 16th, 2019 during our Youth Sunday event at Immanuel.  With the help and guidance of our Director of Christian Education, Dakota Roberts, they assisted in all aspects of the service.  Below is a picture of all the young adults that participated that day and if you’d like to see more pics from the service you can CLICK HERE.