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We Are Taking Precautions-COVID-19

Nothing matters more to the Immanuel staff and Church Council than keeping our membership safe.  We must balance this with our strong desire to worship God together as a congregation further recognizing that we are in the holiest of seasons in our church calendar walking the path to the celebration of Palm Sunday, the darkest agony of the crucifixion on Good Friday and the celebration of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.  In light of the World Health Organization declaring a pandemic and given the age of many in our congregation, we are going to institute several steps as recommended by the CDC and WHO.

  1. If you are feeling the least little bit ill, please do not attend service. Let Pastor Jimmy know that you are under the weather and if you are suffering symptoms that match COVID-19, please contact your medical professional.
  2. We are asking you to leave an empty pew between groups sitting together. Sit with your family in the same pew but please leave an empty pew in front of and In back of where you are sitting.  This is to follow the guidance of social distancing.  If you sit with friends and not family, please spread out on the pew.
  3. We will no longer pass the black ritual of friendship. We are temporarily eliminating any signing in.
  4. For communion, there will be a new process and all will take altar communion. Pastor Jimmy will describe the new way of serving communion.
  5. For offering, the ushers will directly collect the offering envelopes in trays and we will not pass the offering trays down the pews. Please do not pass the envelopes down the pew.
  6. There will be no handshaking, either by greeters or the Pastor(s).
  7. Please wash your hands before participating in donut time or pick up the donuts with a napkin.
  8. There will be hand sanitizer on a stand at the front of the church, in the Narthex and in the reception room.
  9. As per the CDC, cough into your elbow or into a Kleenex. Please discard your Kleenexes and do not leave them for the ushers.  Sounds crazy but it happens frequently.
  10. Should we feel that for the safety of the congregation or if we are so directed by government officials to cancel a worship service, we will notify the media outlets that we use for inclement weather, put a message on the church phone system, and put a message on the church website as well as via social media.
  11. Please either take your bulletin home with you or return it to the recycle basket outside the sanctuary.
  12. Hymnals will not be used during Sunday services. Music will be printed in your bulletin.
  13. For the ushers, the walkie-talkies should be wiped off with disinfectant after each church service. Similarly, the offering plates should also be wiped off with disinfectant.
  14. Prayer requests will not be collected. The Pastor will ask for prayer requests before the prayer after the sermon.

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